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About Maset, LLC

MASET was formed by Charles Loew in 2000 to help organizations apply the tools developed and taught by Motorola University to organizations throughout the world. Charles spent 10 years with the consulting and training services team of Motorola University in applying these tools in many organizations (see the Partial Customer List). In addition many of the tools have been upgraded and improved over the last 10 years.

Our objective is to help organizations be successful with their initiatives of continuous improvement. We will consult with organizations to determine what tools can be applied to their journey. We will facilitate activities to reduce cycle time for any process. We will teach the tools of defect reduction and adapt them to your organization. We will facilitate the development of technology roadmaps and strategic plans to define the vision, mission, objectives, and long-term strategy of your organization. We can help develop a Project Management philosophy and train your associates to use tools that will insure successful completion of initiatives and projects to schedule and within budget. If and when your organization is ready to implement Six Sigma we have that capability also.

All of our interventions have resulted in Total Customer Satisfaction and significant financial returns to the Customer. Many of our Customers have written us letters concerning our work which can be read at "Quotes from our Customers". Please review a partial list of the results our Customers have achieved on our "Success Stories and Articles and Case Studies" sections of our web page. This section will continue to grow as we add additional results from our continuing activities.

Our consulting team is composed of experienced executives from Malcolm Baldrige award winners and or experienced line managers that have successfully run large and small organizations and have a pragmatic approach to business problems. We have a broad and successful consulting experience and use only Principal Consultants with our clients. Overall, we make a difference for our clients, and help them improve their bottom line results. Biographies of each of our associates are listed under "Resumes".

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