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Bob Burton


  • Mentoring of executives
  • Corporate venturing
  • Counseling of entrepreneurs
  • Strategic planning
  • Participating on Advisory Boards
  • Corporate universities


    Reporting to the Chairman and CEO of Motorola Corporation, Bob led the corporate venture organization responsible for the global identification, assessment, investment in and development of newly emerging, rapid growth, high technology industries and businesses for Motorola. The focus centered upon industries and businesses Motorola Corporation had not previously been involved in. As Vice President and General Manager, Bob led the thrust for Motorola to enter internet broadcasting, internet access, bio informatics, bio chips and energy/fuel cells among others. The team created in excess of one billion dollars in current and future market value, while repositioning the corporation for future long-term renewal and growth.

    In addition to 15 years of corporate venturing, including seven years of leading the venture organization, Bob, as Vice President and Director of Strategy, created the vision, strategic focus, organizational principles, business plan, consolidation efforts, and operational focus for Motorola University to reinvigorate and grow its business.

    Prior to Motorola Corporation, Bob, over a period of 19 years, contributed to the substantial revenue and profit growth of Xerox Corporation. He was a leading salesman in New York City. As Product Manager, he managed a P&L portfolio of products in excess of one billion dollars, while increasing market share and profits. In addition, as Global Manager of Training and Development, Bob transitioned Xerox education into Xerox University, a 1,000 student learning center. While doing so, he increased educational content from 7 to 45 courses and reduced the cost per person of training by 25%.

    As Corporate Manager of Global Marketing as well as Corporate Manager of Long Range Planning, Bob developed, with senior management, the decision process required for transition from an international to a global operational entity, resulting in one billion dollars of incremental profits. Bob currently has an office at The University of Texas at Austin, with the College of Engineering.

    Professional Affiliations:

  • Experienced Chairman, Chief Executive, Officer and member of the Board of Directors for numerous high technology businesses.


  • B.S. Drexel Institute of Technology, 1960
  • Specialized business courses at Exeter and Harvard


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