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    Charleen has over 20 years of experience in leadership, learning and performance consulting partnering with executive management to: accelerate strategy implementation and change; build leadership talent to fuel future growth; enhance organizational performance; and accelerate learning across the organization.

    She has worked as an independent consultant, a regional manager for a large international consulting firm, and internally, as a Director for Motorola and for a large healthcare system. She has worked in diverse industries as healthcare, aerospace, academia, federal government, and telecom. Charleen is an experienced facilitator, coach, and solution provider. Charleen's success has been helping organizations develop and implement strategies to positively impact the company's bottom line.

    While with Motorola University, she directed Leadership Institute for the corporation. In 2000 Charleen developed a strategy implementation model, spearheaded a new department launching corporate initiatives, and launched 25 key initiatives globally to 99 locations in 22 countries the first year.

    Using performance excellence methodology, she has helped organizations link learning initiatives to business strategy and achieve measurable metrics. Charleen directed the core process redesign efforts of many of the key functions within MU such as order-to-cash, data management, global launch of initiatives, and global design process thereby enhancing organizational performance and reduce costs.

    While working with Motorola's Advanced Messaging Group, Charleen developed a leadership development system that to rapidly enhance manager's skills while changing the organizational culture that resulted in reducing employee turnover from 35% to 4 %. She spearheaded an international initiative to change the culture of the organization from product focused to customer focused, and led the international implementation of the initiative. She initiated the design and implementation of an award-winning technical certification program that quickly ramped up production with minimum errors when manufacturing lines were transferred to another location.

    While being a Project Director for General Physics, an international performance improvement & technical training consulting firm, she spearheaded a plant-wide job analysis for over 300 jobs for the technology-transfer of manufacturing F-16 airplanes at General Dynamics to the Korean government. Recently Charleen created a 90-day new employee orientation system that integrates new employees into the organization, reduces cycle time for producing highly productive employees, and provides auditable documentation for EEO and OSHA audits all at once.

    Charleen has 25 years of experience facilitating training initiatives, coaching leaders, and developing solutions.


  • MS, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado
  • BS, Education, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska
  • AS, Computer Science, Blair College, Colorado Springs, Colorado


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