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Martin Hedley


  • Counselor to Executive Management
  • Six Sigma Implementation
  • Executive Facilitation
  • Board Member
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Strategy


    Martin has over 20 years in senior project and line management roles in major corporations, including British Airways, American Airlines, JPMorganChase and Citibank. He has acted in both the reengineering facilitator and sponsor roles, including major process simplification projects; such as the realignment of a major airline hub, and managing the integration of 17 bank products and 23 processes into one to meet customer demands.

    Primary areas of expertise are in developing and auditing the management control systems of an organization, ensuring accountability for results, including addressing the leadership skill changes necessary for the management team to be successful. Projects have included the complete organizational restructuring of a major international airline based in the Middle East and the implementation of quality and process-based techniques at a major US airline and at two global banks.

    Other projects have included companies such as a major West Coast telephone service supplier, a major European railway administration, municipal utilities in the US.

    Industry experience includes transportation, utilities, IT, consulting and financial services.


  • Harvard University Graduate School of Business
  • Buckley School of Public Speaking
  • GOAL/QPC Strategic Quality Series
  • American Airlines Management Program
  • University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne BSc Surveying/Geography 1977
  • Master Black Belt in Process/Quality - Citigroup
  • Order of the Golden Tongue - Buckley School of Public Speaking
  • Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals
  • Author: Aviation book 1982, articles 1984/5


  • British-American Business Council of the Pacific Northwest
  • American Society for Quality
  • National Patient Safety Foundation


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