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Maset - Motorola University Alliance

MASET and Motorola University have formed an alliance partnership. This alliance partnership allows MASET to use all of the intellectual property that Motorola has developed surrounding the implementation of the SIX SIGMA® culture within Motorola. In addition to using this intellectual property, Motorola will continue to update the intellectual property that is being used by MASET. Any new developments in the areas of quality culture will be made available to MASET for use with its customers.

As a result of his twelve years as a Motorola employee, Charles Loew has developed many contacts within Motorola. In addition, many of the associates of MASET are former Motorolans and/or have been involved in the education of Motorolians as contractors to Motorola University for many years. Some of the associates have retired from Motorola with well over 30 years of experience.

This alliance partnership allows the customers of MASET to work with a small personalized consulting organization, while at the same time learning and adopting the techniques that were very successfully implemented at one of the early quality leaders in the United States... Motorola, Inc.

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