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Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) is a not-for-profit, member-based organisation that manages licensed copying of literary, dramatic and artistic works. Our members are authors, journalists, visual artists, and newspaper, magazine and book publishers.

CAL acts as a channel between copyright rightsholders and those who copy their works by:

  • licensing, or giving permission to, organisations and individuals to copy;
  • collecting a licence fee; and
  • distributing that money to the copyright rightsholders

CAL has been in operation for over 15 years and has a very specialised process for tracking of copied works, identifying the current rightsholders and distributing the appropriate money to them.

With the advent of the Internet many works are now available in digital form. CAL had to, as a matter of urgency, review its process and underlying IT systems to accommodate this digital era.

Anthony Scander was appointed as the Business Systems Manager to undertake this challenge. CAL has about 60 staff and Anthony had to get them all involved in redefining their current process form an "as is" to a "should be" - and this had to be done in the shortest possible time.

Anthony was familiar with the Motorola Cycle Time Reduction methods and with assistance from Charles Loew introduced this methodology to CAL. The initial review of the core licensing to distribution process was done within two months. Action teams were then set up to migrate to the "should be" processes. Due to the rapid changes in the digital era CAL, like many other firms, needs to continually improve and adapt its processes to meet new challenges and opportunities. This has to be done with sound business fundamentals and justifications. CAL has adapted the CTR methodology into a "Continuous Business Improvement Process" (or CBIP) to empower the staff by involving them in the changes they need to make to their processes to meet these challenges.

Another major benefit of CBIP is that IT systems requirements are always based on the "should be" needs and not the "as is" - ensuring higher efficiencies and lower costs of ownership.

Charles Loew was instrumental with his vast experience with CTR and Six Sigma in assisting CAL in using a very powerful tool to make staff change themselves and to do so in a measured and simple manner.

Anthony J. Scander

Business Systems Manager
Copyright Agency Limited

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