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February 21, 2001

Re: Cross Functional Process Mapping

Dear Charles,

In 1994 when the Explosives business unit of ICI Australia was embarking upon a major ERP systems implementation, we were conscious of the need to seriously review existing business processes as a basis for new systems design. Our business was undergoing significant change, and we were in the process of transitioning a significant part of our business from a traditional commodity product supplier, to being able to offer a portfolio of value added services.

During the course of a Motorola Quality Briefing, the performance level concepts of "Baseline", "Entitlement" and "Benchmark" were introduced to us, and the role of Cross Functional Process Mapping was explained as a means to achievement of Total Customer Satisfaction, embracing both Six Sigma Quality, and Cycle Time Reduction.

The design parameters for our ERP system implementation therefore flowed out of a series of Cross Functional Mapping workshops facilitated by members of the team from Motorola University.

Our key business processes were mapped, and actions were identified to eliminate roadblocks. Staff developed a clear understanding of the process flows across the organization, and their specific roles and responsibilities relative to other personnel and functional groups along the supply chain.

Our ERP system design therefore evolved out of "Should Be" and "Could Be" requirements and opportunities, rather than being constrained by a mismatch of legacy functions and poorly integrated activities. Our system implementation was considered successful, and the associated process and organizational changes were readily embraced across an informed and committed organization.

A host of benefits and opportunities arose out of the successful ERP system implementation. In addition we were able to achieve significant performance benefits across a range of key business processes, not specifically associated with the ERP system implementation. Some of these included:

  • Customer relationship and contract life cycle management
  • General procurement and product logistical management
  • Capital procurement and asset management
  • Manufacturing and Financial processes, and data integrity
  • Marketing of Value Added Service packages

The experience and methodology brought to this project by the team from Motorola University were amongst the key elements to the success of our project.

Best wishes to you and your team as you embark upon your new venture as MASET, LLC. I am sure the methodologies, skills, and experience you take with you from Motorola University will continue to generate success for you and your clients.


Ian Scott

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