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January 16, 2001

Dear Charles:

Thank you very much for your letter of January 10. I am pleased to help you in any way I can because I feel that you are the most cost effective consultant I've worked with in my 13 years in industry. And, I've learned a lot about quality along the way.

In the course of four different cross-functional process mapping efforts with you that I have been involved in, we have been able to significantly improve quality and reduce cycle time through process improvement. There were two particularly outstanding examples of that from my perspective. The first, was several years ago when we worked together on the process mapping for product development in a medical device company where I had product development responsibilities. There I learned that what I call the Motorola approach is really all about removing non-value added steps, improving efficiency, decreasing frustrations, and as a result, getting better quality, faster cycle times and lower costs. We were able to reduct product development cycle time by almost 50% in the course of the conduct of that process mapping effort.

Most recently at Lilly, you have been our consultant on a process mapping effort related to submission of new drug applications where I believe we have the opportunity to shave months off of the application process and again, the same themes rang true, particularly those of removing non value added steps, improving quality and reducing cycle time.

Of course I would be happy to chat with any of your prospective clients and share our experiences with you over the past several years. I wish you the very best with MASET. Please let me know if there is any other way that I might help.


Michael D. Clayman, M.D.
Vice President
Global Regulatory Affairs

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