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Jakarta, 2 March 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

We have had an encounter with MASET, LLC. since May 2000 when we were in the process of finding the best way to adopt Six Sigma concept in our company. Utilizing the power of internet, we then had some communication with Mr. Charles Loew, whom were then with Motorola University.

After the initial contact, we visited some Six Sigma Consultants in United States. During that visit we discussed about the difference between some approaches that were offered by various consulting companies and we decided to adopt the methodology of Motorola University. Upon the formation of MASET, LLC., we decided to use its service since MASET, LLC. also utilizes the know-how of Motorola and all the materials normally given to the clients of Motorola University. Moreover, MASET, LLC. offers greater flexibility in the process.

The reason why we made that decision was because we believe in achieving significant result by improving our basic operation through Cycle Time Reduction (CTR) and Quality System Review (QSR) before embracing Six Sigma. This path is made possible by the fact that our company was still operating at 2-3 sigma level and there was still much room for improvement. Moreover, CTR and QSR are simple enough to implement and need no huge investment cost and intensive human resources deployment, unlike some of the approaches offered by other consulting groups.

Projects that we have done with MASET, LLC. were Quality System Review for two of our major paper mills and Cycle Time Reduction through Cross-functional Process Mapping for one of our major paper mills. The implementation was started in the month of Novemeber 2000.

In all projects, consultants from MASET, LLC. have shown high-level of professionality and deep knowledge on the methodology as well as the implementation technique. Many examples and case studies which were presented to us were very relevant. They also made us aware of the pitfall and potential of failure in the implementation.

After the consultancy period was over, the consultants are still in continuous supervision of the project by keeping in touch with the related people and voluntarily give advice and encouragement to the team, which we appreciate very much.

In short, we are very pleased with their service and follow-through method as well as practical approach to solve the critical business issues in our company.


Pai Lien

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