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Vineet Agrawal
Corporate Executive Vice President
Wipro Limited

February 6, 2002

To whom it may concern,

We at Wipro had the privilege of working with Charles Loew and consultants from Motorola through the initial phase of Six Sigma implementation in our company in 1997-99.

We have used the Motorola methodologies extensively right from Business Systems Analysis, Six Steps to Six Sigma, Cross Functional Process Mapping and Design for Manufacturability. We found the methodologies very useful, non-mathematical and simple to apply, as a result Six Sigma has spread across our Corporation and we have been using Six Sigma as ' the way we work'.

We have benefited enormously by implementing Six Sigma. We have been steadily climbing the Sigma ladder in all our Critical Business processes. The returns on implementing Six Sigma have been over five times the investment. Further we have created an organization, which is sensitive to Customers and their requirements.

We have implemented Six Sigma in all our Businesses and their functions and I have found it to be a very useful tool in achieving Customer satisfaction, Employee satisfaction and Business financial success.

Charles has now formed a new company called Maset llc to provide Six Sigma consultancy. I am sure that with his knowledge, skill and expertise Charles will deliver value to his customers and in the process create success for his company and for his clients.


Vineet Agrawal
Corporate Executive Vice President
Mission: Quality, Brand & Innovation, Corporate Communication
Wipro Limited

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