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William D. Stinnett, Ph.D.


  • Productivity Improvement Consulting
  • Culture Change
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organization Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Facilitation
  • Team Building
  • Communication Skills Development
  • Design and Implementation of Training
  • Customer Service


As president of the Human Productivity Center, Bill has educated and coached more than 10,000 executives, managers, and other professionals in leadership, communication, problem solving, and facilitation skills. He has facilitated the team building, strategic planning, or implementation plans of hundreds of management teams. He has received consistently superior ratings in his training seminars, which include Leader Effectiveness Training, Facilitator Development Workshop, Team Leader Training, Total Quality Management, Continuous Quality Improvement, Total Cycle Time, and many others. Bill has worked with a wide variety of individuals and major organizations across the country, as well as many governmental agencies and international firms.

Prior to establishing the Human Productivity Center in 1985, Bill worked for Honeywell. First as a facilitator, then as the manager of a group of top-notch organization development professionals, Bill helped redesign and re-engineer the company's team process. During his time at Honeywell, his group developed and implemented a team-based management system that produced a 330% increase in productivity and a 50% reduction of product cost at a prototype Honeywell facility.

Bill began his career teaching and conducting research in the university setting. He came to Arizona in 1976 and from then until 1980 was an Assistant Professor of Communication at Arizona State University. During his academic appointment at the university, Bill taught many of the fundamental communication courses including Small Group Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Persuasion and others. He was the director of the Introduction to Communication course, which was required for all business majors, as well as several other majors. He also taught several graduate seminars including research methods and several advanced content seminars. In addition, Bill was actively engaged in scientific research in the field of communication and published several monographs during his tenure at the university.

Over the past fifteen years, Bill has written many articles regarding organization development for regional and national publications. He also is co-author of the book, Corporate Madness: How to Change the System When the System Refuses to Change.

He has certifications from National Training Laboratories, the Center for Creative Leadership, Simulation Training Systems and Gordon Training International.


  • Ph.D., Human Communication, University of Florida
  • M.A., Interpersonal Communication, Ohio University
  • B.A., Speech and Theater, Marshall University


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