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It's Not Difficult to Change Company Culture:
Six Sigma Focuses on Total Customer Satisfaction

Six Sigma® results in a cultural change in a company, a paradigm shift towards an expectation of the highest quality, which then drives a passion for continuous improvement by all the players. It's a concept for now and well into the next century: focusing on the customer and not the product!

Six Sigma® is attainable with time and strong dedication. As improvements increase, expectations increase.

SIX SIGMA® is a registered trademark and service mark of Motorola, Inc.

This article appeared as is or was modified and appeared in the following magazines:

  • Quality Digest, July 1998
  • AFSM International, November 1998
  • Measuring Business Excellence, December 1998
  • South African Society for Quality, June 1999
  • Quality Observer, June 1999
  • Journal for Quality & Participation, March 2000
  • Supervision, November 2000

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