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Citibank creates defect-free processes to increase customer loyalty

Citibank's Cross Functional Process Mapping has five phases. First there's planning, when the critical business processes to be mapped are identified and a team is selected. Second, the team meets for 4-5 days to map the "as is" process. Third, the map is verified for accuracy and to see if there are more problems/issues they want to add. Fourth, they meet to map out the "should be" process. Fifth, and probably the most difficult, is the implementation of the action items to achieve the "should be" process. Even after the process has been improved, CFPM does not end.

This article appeared as is or was modified and appeared in the following magazines:

  • Quality Digest, December 1999
  • AFSM International, January 2000
  • Financial Services Marketing, March 2000
  • The Journal for Quality and Participation, September 2000

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