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Global 360 degree Research Project

Are you interested in finding out about best practice in 360-degree Profiling?

HRworkbench, our online 360-degree Profiling supplier, in conjunction with PersonnelZone UK is conducting a comprehensive, global research survey of the uses and abuses of 360-degree Profiling and Feedback in organizations.

We invite you to participate in this valuable research project so that we can determine if there are differences in experience/perspective between 360-degree Profiling users in the UK, Europe, America and Asia. And in return for your time, you will get a FULL COPY of the survey report.

Although 360-degree Profiling and Feedback is widely used, it is not always successful. We are interested in your experiences, and those of your clients - both positive and negative. By sharing your experience you will learn from the cumulative knowledge of all those who have used 360-degree profiling in the past and thereby define what really makes a 360-degree Profiling project work successfully.

When you register for the Survey you will be required to indicate if you are an Internal HR Practitioner or an External HR Consultant so that you can access the appropriate version of the Survey.

For all those who take the time to complete this survey (about 15 minutes) we will give you the fully detailed report of the results free of charge - available to non-participants for USD95.

If you would like to participate in this research please access the survey by clicking on the logo below.

Thank you

Global 360 degree Research Project

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