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Improvement Diagnostic Tools



The following eight questions are a quick tool for self-evaluation of your processes and operations. Take the quiz and score each question for your organization to see how you stand compared to world-class organizations you may find as your competitors.

1. What percentage of your customers expresses complete satisfaction with their purchase of your product after the initial installation and adjustment period?

    [ ] 85% or more of your customers express complete
        satisfaction -- 15 points
    [ ] 70-85% of your customers express complete satisfaction -- 5 points
    [ ] Don't know -- 0 points

your score ______

2. Does management review process metrics (performance measures) that track Customer Satisfaction such as defects per unit, cycle time, etc. on a regular basis in order to prioritize improvement actions?

    [ ] On a weekly basis -- 15 points
    [ ] On a monthly basis -- 5 points
    [ ] Rarely -- 0 points

your score ______

3. Do you have an aggressive defect reduction program in place?

    [ ] Yes, to reduce defects by 50% or more per year -- 15 points
    [ ] Yes to reduce defects by 21-50 % per year -- 5 points
    [ ] Yes, to reduce defects by 10-20 % per year -- 3 points
    [ ] No (or defect reduction plan is to reduce defects by 10% or less
        per year) -- 0 points

your score ______

4. Process metrics are tracked, maintained and reported by:

    [ ] All major internal operations and all major suppliers -- 15 points
    [ ] All major internal operations -- 10 points
    [ ] By QA and accounting -- 3 points
    [ ] Are not tracked, maintained or reported -- 0 points

your score ______

5. How widespread is the understanding and use of performance metrics in your organization?

    [ ] Widespread use from management to engineering and
        associates/operators. Employees have a solid understanding of
        metrics and use them to daily drive business activities from design
        to manufacturing to accounting. -- 15 points
    [ ] Use and understanding of metrics is shared by some of the
        management and a few specialist groups who work to improve
        processes -- 5 points
    [ ] Few of the management understand and use metrics. Understanding
        outside of the management circle is vaguely understood -- 0 points

your score ______

6. Your process owners, associates and process engineers complete process improvements (process mapping, process redesign or an adoption of relevant technology)

    [ ] Regularly, especially when it can improve your competitive edge
        or improve your cost structure -- 15 points
    [ ] Occasionally, to respond to customer complaints or internal
        problems -- 5 points
    [ ] Rarely, we figure out how to make the process work the
        way it is -- 0 points

your score ______

7. Are you on track to make your defect reduction and process improvement goals?

    [ ] Regularly make the goals -- 15 points
    [ ] Occasionally, usually respond to customer complaints or
        internal problems -- 5 points
    [ ] Rarely, we seem to have too many other things to do -- 0 points

your score ______

8. You describe your relationship with major suppliers as:

    [ ] An active partnership where they contribute to the design process
        and are involved in exchanging data to improve process quality
        and on-time delivery -- 15 points
    [ ] A reactionary relationship where suppliers receive and use feedback
        to improve process quality and on-time delivery -- 5 points
    [ ] As vendors who supply material where the primary focus is on
        price -- 0 points

your score ______

Total score _____

Total the points for each question. If your total is:

  • 100 to 120 - Your organization is world class. Keep running to stay ahead of the footsteps behind you.
  • 80 to 99 - You are doing well but have room for improvement. You are overlooking a fair number of opportunities to increase your competitive position either through improved quality or improved efficiencies and costs.
  • 50 to 79 - We can help you improve competitiveness. It is very likely that your firm is under pressure from the competition. Immediate improvement is probable in the areas of customer satisfaction, quality, process efficiency and internal costs advantages.
  • Below 50 - Competitors with better processes will overtake you through improved customer satisfaction, higher quality, superior efficiency and internal cost advantages.

    You were aware of improvement opportunities prior to completing this assessment; this confirms what you already knew.

    "What you measure improves."

           - Robert Young, retired CEO Hewlett Packard
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