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Volume 59  February 23, 2006

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Welcome to MASET News. A monthly publication dedicated to the communication between MASET and our many interested friends, customers and potential customers



  • Please welcome Terry Westerhoff as an associate to Maset LLC. Terry has extensive experience in Integrating Management Systems in organizations as a result of mergers, acquisitions, corporate realignments, divestitures and reorganizations. As many organizations undertake these changes in order to become more competitive and profitable they often sub optimize the new organization because the individuals assigned to lead this integration have no previous experience with this type of activity. Terry has spent a large part of his career implementing Management System Integration.
  • Our first feature article is written by Terry Westerhoff and explains how he went about implementing Management System Integration in the organization he was working at ten years ago. He was able to use the DMAIC concepts from Six Sigma to successfully integrate three different organizations into one.
  • Our second article from Integrity Matters Broadcast by Jim Bracher, "Patients must also be smart consumers", really brings home the responsibilities we individually have to be sure that our health providers are on their toes in there advice to us. We must stop assuming that our health providers have a divine knowledge about medicine. There is a tremendous amount of information now available enabling us to become more educated about solutions to our problems and needs.


"Thank you for your Maset news received regularly and enjoyed to the fullest" - Australia



This month we are adding two new Products and Services, a new Training and Workshop and a new associate.

We are adding a new Product and Service titled "Implementation of Lean Concepts" Maset associate Dennis Soward, who we introduced to you last month is an expert in the implementation of the many tools associated with Lean. He has implemented these tools in both manufacturing and non manufacturing organizations.

The second new product and service titled "Management System Integration" describes the approach that Terry Westerhoff uses in working with any type of reorganization.

Our new training and workshop is titled "Root Cause Analysis Tools and Techniques" has recently been developed for a specific customer who was so pleased with it that he requested us to offer it again at another of their locations. This is a very statistically oriented workshop that provides the attendees with a host of new and effective tools to identify and eliminate the causes of defects.


Tips for New Employee Integration
Provided by Orientation Passport

TIP 21: Celebrate the New Hire Joining Your Organization
We have going-away celebrations. Why not a welcome party where the new hire can socialize with leaders and co-workers and feel like the company really wants them.

TIP 22: Tools to Make Them Part of the Team
Develop an individual action plan for the first 3 months to ensure that the employee is continually challenged by their job.

Visit the Products and Services describing the Orientation Passport


Tips from Our School for Managers
- by Andrew E. Schwartz


1) Anticipate crunch time so it does not become CRISIS. Leave 30 minutes each day unscheduled. The best laid plans can often get disrupted by someone else's overwhelming A priority, or the car breaking down. Allow flexibility in scheduling, so all will not be lost.

2) Protect your private time. Having and holding on to time for yourself is as important as being work oriented, if not more so. If people fail to take time out for friends, family and play, their health, mental effectiveness and alertness will inevitably suffer.

3) Ask for cooperation. Schedule large tasks that involve others. Never expect to be able to accomplish multifaceted or multiperson tasks on time without the cooperation of all parties involved.

Copyright A.E. Schwartz & Associates, all rights reserved


ONE LINERS - "To make you think and/or smile"

  • "True education makes for inequality; for inequality, not mediocrity, is the measure of the progress of the world." Felix Emmanuel Schelling
  • Joy is contagious.




Management System Integration

By Terry Westerhoff

It was 10 years ago this month. The guy from HR called me to tell me that our company was merging three divisions into one. I had been selected to lead the merger of three quality systems and departments into a single unit. I remember my first question was “I’m the Director of Quality for Functional Products. What about the other two directors?” The answer was that I would have to figure that out.

Thus began a journey which was difficult, but in the end, extremely beneficial to the company.

We started with an uncomfortable meeting between myself and the other quality directors, and ended with vastly improved systems, along with significant cost savings.

Of course, as I set out to integrate the quality organizations, all other departments across the company were doing the same thing. Quality is a unique department in that it touches most other departments in some way. I was able to learn greatly though the success and failures of others. As one might expect, some were successful and some were not.

Pitfalls. Yes, there are many pitfalls as one embarks on a task as complex as the integration of management systems. Aside from the obvious people issues, there are mistakes in method of approach which can have serious detrimental effects. There are two methods in particular which were very tempting. The first was to operate as three divisions all mashed together as one. This of course is the least disruptive to the people involved, but does not achieve anything. The second is for the strongest division (and there will usually be one) to force the other divisions to do things “our way”. This creates resentment, and does nothing to capture best practices.

What is the correct approach that will lead to vastly improved efficiency and performance?

Borrowing from the Six Sigma strategy of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control, one can develop a successful integration implementation.

  • Define the existing organizations and develop a communication plan.
  • Measure who does what, when and how.
  • Analyze the data.
  • Improve the organization, focusing on synergy and best practices.
  • Control

To learn more about management system integration strategy, contact Charles Loew at


Integrity Matters Broadcast – By Jim Bracher

"Patients must also be smart consumers"


How can Guidant Health Systems remain in business while delivering pacemakers that kill people? What can I do to make sure I don't die because of a faulty product?


Guidant has a history of irresponsible leadership and inconsistent product quality. This column addressed their malfeasance in July, 2003 when I wrote: Greed, whether for power or money (or both), is at the heart of this problem. Compromising health and life cannot be tolerated. Fortunately, such reckless endangerment seems to be the exception. Most manufacturers and, especially the ones associated with health care, test and monitor each product to guarantee both quality and safety. Our society safeguards us with many agencies responsible for testing products that affect our lives. Organizations that we have created and support test, on our behalf, what we drive, wear, eat and utilize in all aspects of our lives, specifically in areas related to health care. These processes are overwhelmingly effective.

Problems with Guidant's popular heart defibrillator have led federal regulators to start an inquiry into whether the company violated a corporate integrity agreement it signed in 2003. Indianapolis-based Guidant had signed the integrity agreement after a former Guidant, subsidiary, Endovascular Technologies Inc., pleaded guilty to 10 felonies and paid $92.4 million to settle criminal and civil charges in a case involving a device meant to treat abdominal aortic aneurysms. The Justice Department contended that Guidant covered up thousands of Ancure incidents in which the delivery system of the device had malfunctioned, including 12 deaths.

More recently, Guidant reported yet another malfunction to the Food and Drug Administration, but it did not inform patients and doctors for three years until physicians at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, publicly questioned the company's conduct. Guidant maintains that the device is highly reliable. Under federal law, a company must report any incident to the FDA in which its medical device might have caused or contributed to a death or serious injury, or if the malfunction is likely to recur. Guidant's reputation erodes confidence in the integrity of health care. This cannot be allowed.

So, before accepting potentially-risky health treatment recommendations:

  • Ask questions. Get second opinions.
  • Demand current information that confirms the quality and reliability of any treatments, including technologies, you elect.
  • Utilize this toll-free hotline: 888-463-6332; which will connect you with the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA can also be reached online at: The FDA addresses many concerns about technology, toxicology and health safety.
  • Research current news regarding issues related to medical devices and radiological health. Learn what products and services are working well and which ones are causing problems:

Forward additional health hotline suggestions directly to us - ( - so that we might pass along helpful resources and strengthen the integrity of health care delivery. Restoring confidence in health care's integrity is a must.

Published for Jim Bracher's Integrity Matters newspaper column in "The Californian," Salinas California – June 15, 2005.

James F. Bracher is the Founder of Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership -



  • Many more "Tips for New Employee Integration".
  • Future tips from "Our School for Managers" will include topics in coaching, goal setting, time management, communication, delegation, and others.
  • Examples and success stories from users of the "RxSales: An Expert Performance System"
  • Additional Products and service on implementation of Lean


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