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Volume 12  March 19, 2002

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This is the twelfth issue of the MASET NEWS. As many of you know the art of writing and especially spelling is not one of my strong points. I would like to thank all my associates who have helped me to prepare, change and proof these past issues. I truly hope that MASET NEWS has been helpful and informative to you in your professional and personal life. Many of you have sent us comments and we do appreciate them. As we begin the second year of publication, we hope to continue to improve and provide you valuable information. If there is anything specific that you would like covered in an issue, please let us know. I can be reached by e-mail at

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This month's Feature Article is a tribute to the United States of America and its people. As we mark the six-month anniversary of the greatest tragedy faced by this country on its own soil since the Civil War, we must also take pride in our fellow Americans. The theme of the Winter Olympics was "Light The Fire Within." This months article explains how we can apply this theme to our own lives.




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    Key learnings in - Tools for Skillful Conversation

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    2.   Clarify intentions
    3.   Uncover mental models
    4.   Initiate new actions
    5.   Listen without resistance
    6.   Suspend assumptions
    7.   Develop protocols for advocacy
    8.   Develop protocols for inquiry
    9.   Deal with tough spots
    10. Balance advocacy and inquiry





    Jeffrey J. Mayer

    The crowd of 55,000 spectators -- and a world-wide television audience of 2 billion -- fell silent as an honor guard of U.S. athletes, Port Authority police, and NYC police and firefighters gently carried the torn and tattered flag that had been recovered from the rubble and ashes of the World Trade Center into Rice-Eccles Olympic Stadium.

    The banner looked so fragile -- scarred by two large rips through its red and white stripes. But it is indestructible for it is made of the strongest fibers: HUMAN WILL.

    The WTC flag was there because of what it represents:

    • RESILIENCE. The resilience to recover from a catastrophic disaster.

    • DETERMINATION. The determination to move forward.

    • STRENGTH. The strength of the nation, and the world, to get the job done and to succeed.

    It was bathed in light -- for all the world to see - as the Utah Symphony and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed a majestic rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

    The Winter Olympics began with President George Bush's opening statement, "On behalf of a proud, determined and grateful nation, I declare open the Winter Olympic Games of Salt Lake City."

    Earlier in the day President Bush told the members of the United States Olympic team in a private meeting, "It is a chance for the world to see that, in a time of war, we can come together in friendly competition."

    And then he delivered the words of Todd Beamer, who helped take on the hijackers of Flight 93 before it crashed in Pennsylvania. "Let's roll."

    The Olympics brings together the best-of-the best. Men and women who have dreamed of standing atop the awards platform and having a medal placed around their necks since they were little children. They have 'A Fire Within.'

    We watched the young girl learning how to skate with the help of her parents. Who becomes an 8 year old, who becomes a teenager, who blossoms into Olympic Champion Kristi Yamaguchi.

    Moments earlier, figure skater Sasha Cohen had an experience she will never forget. While talking to her mother on her cell phone, President Bush sat down beside her. Seeing an opportunity, she asked the President if he would say hello to her mother. [You must always ask for the sale!]

    He took the phone, and with a smile said, "This is the president speaking . . . ."

    We will see Sasha Cohen's 'Fire Within' as she tries to win the Gold medal in Women's Figure Skating.

    The Olympic Flag was carried in by eight people who have 'The Fire Within.'

    Representing each of the five continents of the Olympic rings were

    • Astronaut John Glenn of the United States,

    • Noble Prize winner Desmond Tutu of South Africa,

    • Aboriginal Olympic champion Cathy Freeman of Australia,

    • Political leader Lech Walesa of Poland, and

    • 1998 Olympic ski jumping hero Kazuyoshi Funaki of Japan.

    Sports, the environment, and culture were represented by:

    • Olympic champion Jean-Claude Killy of France,

    • Explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau of France, and

    • Film director Steven Spielberg of the United States.

    When the Olympic torch entered the stadium, it was passed from one Olympic star to another. Figure skaters Dick Button and Dorothy Hamill passed the torch to Scott Hamilton and Peggy Fleming, who passed it onto Olympic skiers Phil Mahre and Bill Johnson. Speedskaters Bonnie Blair and Dan Jansen then skated the torch onto the Shea's.

    Jim Shea was a 1964 Olympian in cross-country skiing and nordic combined. His son, Jim Jr., is competing in the new skeleton sledding event. Jim's father, Jack Shea , was the third generation of their family to compete in the Olympics. He was a 1932 gold medalist in Lake Placid. (He died in a recent auto accident at the age of 91.)

    The Shea's passed the torch onto Cammi Granato of Downers Grove. Granato, captain of the 1998 Olympic champion women's hockey team and the captain of this year's team, and 1998 skiing gold medalist Picabo Street, who ran up the stadium steps.

    Mike Eruzione -- the captain of the 1980 'Miracle On Ice' U.S. Olympic champion hockey team -- was waiting at the top of the stadium. He waved to his former teammates to join him, just as he did on the medals podium 22 years earlier. And together, clutching the torch, they sent the flame soaring skyward to light the Olympic Cauldron.

    The theme of the Winter Olympics is "Light The Fire Within."

    A call to greatness inside every one of us.

    Challenge yourself to overcome all the obstacles that get in your way.

    Don't accept failure.

    Work hard. Work smart. And you'll accomplish more than you ever dreamed.



    Reprinted with permission from "Jeffrey Mayer's Succeeding In Business Newsletter" (Copyright, 2001, Jeffrey J. Mayer, Succeeding In Business, Inc.) To subscribe to Jeff's free newsletter, visit




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