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April 27, 2009

Is Your New Employee Orientation Process Hitting Its

  • Encourages an empowered, proactive
  • Integrates employees effectively & consistently
  • Reduces turnover rate & lessens employee
  • Creates connections that improve your
        retention rate
  • Captures compliance documentation
  • Encourages socialization & creates a sense
        of belonging
  • As the economy begins to improve and businesses are looking to regain their share of the marketplace, it is crucial that new hires quickly become productive and integrated into the company. On average, 33% of all employee turnovers occur in the first ninety days of employment. Your new hire orientation process needs to combine orientation tasks, acclimation of knowledge & understanding, and social networking activities to significantly reduce the time it takes for the new hire to become productive.

    Research has shown that having a first-class employee integration program can improve employee retention by as much as 25%. New hires should become productive by the end of their first day.

    The Orientation Passport, which looks like a real passport, is an inexpensive and easy to implement process that is specifically designed to address all of the bullet items listed above and then some.

    The Orientation Passport consists of 100 tasks the new hire must accomplish within the first ninety days on the job. The employee completes the task in front of a mentor(s). At the end of the ninety days, the new employee and the manager review the accomplishments in the passport. The employee and the manager sign off in the passport. The signed passport is turned in to Human Resources, where it is filed in the employee's personnel file. In case of an audit or a charge filed, HR refers to the passport for creditable documentation.

    The Orientation Passport provides discipline and consistency in the orientation process for all employees throughout the company. After hiring the right person for the right job, an excellent employee integration is your first line of defense for retention.

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