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June 2, 2009

Does your business regularly get a physical exam?

checkup Quality System Review (QSR):
  • Defines a vision of how your company's business should be conducted
  • Sets a common goal of perfection and continuous improvements
  • Provides an awareness & understanding of your business system & subsystems
  • Recognizes achievements, points out shortcomings, opportunities & offers

The Quality System Review (QSR) is an assessment vehicle by which companies can evaluate the health of their quality and business systems.

It is an objective, focused and precise measurement of the systems' performance. It defines criteria and quantifies the different elements of organizational performance.

Although non-prescriptive, the QSR does place emphasis on people, teams, and partnerships with suppliers and customers, and responsiveness to customers.

QSR provides a comprehensive review of the company's Systems and Subsystems:

  • Overall Business System Management
  • Quality System Management
  • New Product/Technology/Service Department Control
  • Supplier (Internal or External) Control
  • Process Operation and Control
  • Quality Data Programs
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Control of Quality Measurement Equipment and Systems
  • Human Resources Involvement
  • Customer Satisfaction Assessment
  • Software Quality Assurance

The QSR process is an invaluable tool kit to improve bottom-line performance, improve quality, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Maset has the ability, the resources, and a history of successes, making us confident in our ability to deliver superior results for your organization.

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