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June 17, 2009

Is Your Business as Healthy as It Looks on the Outside?

Due to the intense competition of today's marketplace, customers' expectations have risen to unprecedented levels. High quality and low price are implicitly expected of your products and services. Not only is quality instrumental in success with customers, but it is also critical to the financial health of your organization.

The cost of poor quality can easily be 20% of sales. In just a three year period, GE reported savings of $8 billion due to their focus on a Six Sigma Quality program. In the late 1980s, Motorola saved over $1 billion in their manufacturing facilities alone by focusing on improving quality and cycle time.

Clearly, business performance improvement is a critical strategic requirement for the continued success of any "best in class" organization. The quality system needs to be so well integrated into the business system that it is transparent.

How good are your company's system and subsystems? Are they healthy? Your organization's health is dependent on your ability to constantly improve quality, decrease costs and satisfy your customers. Just as an individual may look fit on the outside but have physical problems which are not seen from the outside, an organization can have problems not visible to the outside world.

Each year most of us have an annual physical exam to find out if everything is OK with our body's systems. We are relieved when the results of the exam indicate there are no problems, all test results normal. Even though a person feels great and looks "fit-'n-trim" on the outside, the physical exam occasionally uncovers a serious problem that requires immediate attention. Just as we need an annual physical exam to check our body's systems and take proactive steps to correct identified problems and ensure our continued health, your organization's business and quality systems require a periodical check-up as well. Maybe it's time for you to give your business system a check-up by letting us assist you in conducting a Quality System Review.

A Quality System Review (QSR) is an objective, focused and precisely measured assessment (physical exam) of the continuing health of an organization's business system. Done on a complete company, business unit, function, or supplier basis, the QSR helps define the vision of how the business can be better conducted, setting common goals for perfection, and providing awareness of the business systems requirements throughout the organization. It defines considerations and criteria for each question it poses. The responses are then graded and broken down to quantify the different elements of organizational performance.

The part or parts of the business that are substantially negatively affecting quality and the bottom line, are identified. Although non-prescriptive in nature, the QSR does place emphasis on the most critical elements of a successful company, its people and teams, partnerships with suppliers and customers, quality level and responsiveness to customer needs.

The QSR utilizes a series of teams with each team focused on assessing a different element of your business systems. Each of the teams is led by a Maset senior consultant and is comprised of two individuals, one from Maset and one member from your organization. By including members from your organization, the transfer of knowledge of the QSR process and organizational buy-in of the results is greatly accelerated. All the individual team assessment reports are integrated to develop a company-wide perspective of the current Quality System strengths and weaknesses.

The QSR reinforces the strengths and provides recommendations for continuous improvement. It is an objective evaluation that is repeatable so that follow-up sessions can be performed to evaluate and measure the organization's improvement.

It is a proven fact that good quality yields lower costs and reduced cycle time for your products and services. This leads to improved financial results for your investors and the ability to continue providing competitive products for your customers.

Lower costs, improved yields, customer satisfaction, and organization profitability can be best assured by continually monitoring the internal health of your organization. Isn't it time you scheduled a Quality System Review (QSR) for your organization to ensure continued health and pro-actively prevent potential illnesses?

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