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June 30, 2009

Is Your Training Organization Hitting Its Goals?

Maset LLC
  • Aligning training interventions with your organization's goals and objectives.
  • Providing the best return - in terms of time and money spent - for your training investment.
  • Offering your employees the training they need to do their jobs when they need it.
  • Making your employees feel valued so that turnover will not increase once the recession ends.

Unfortunately, training is often the first expense to be cut during recessionary times. As the work force decreases due to layoffs, the remaining employees are often faced with not only doing more work, but doing work that was formerly done by others. These remaining employees are not only mourning the loss of their fellow employees, they are also overwhelmed by the workload and often are being asked to do work for which they are not trained. Subsequently, customer satisfaction frequently suffers during this critical time.

As things get better, research shows that the remaining employees, those you selected to stay, become more and more alienated due to overwork and unhappy customers. As soon as the recession recedes, they leave.

If you have a training organization, whether it is active or currently unused at this time, it's time to go back to basics. Audit what you have to ensure that your training investment is getting the required results. Review where you are, have been, your strengths and weaknesses, and where you need to be, not only now but in the future as business improves.

If you do not have a training organization, now is the time to think about the creation of an effective training plan for your employees.

Maset has experienced consultants available to help you in either the creation or auditing of a training organization.

Maset has the ability, the resources, and a history of successes, making us confident in our ability to deliver superior results for your organization.

Contact Charles Loew today to get started.

Charles Loew
Maset, LLC

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