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Volume 4  July 20, 2001

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Welcome to MASET News. A monthly publication dedicated to the communication between MASET and our many interested Friends, Customers and Potential Customers




It is very interesting to read the many "help and improvement" articles, books and ideas that are presented to each of us on a daily basis. Recently I saw the following eight principals of success. I hope you enjoy them:

"Succeeding In Business"
By Jeffrey Mayer

Here are my 8 principles of success:

1. Successful people have a dream!
2. Successful people have fun!
3. Successful people have desire!
4. Successful people have faith!
5. Successful people make their own luck!
6. Successful people aren't afraid of failure!
7. Successful people don't quit!
8. Successful people don't take NO for an answer!

Follow them and you'll go further and farther than you ever dreamed.

"Reprinted with permission from "Jeffrey Mayer's Succeeding In Business Newsletter. (Copyright, 2001, Jeffrey J. Mayer, Succeeding In Business, Inc.) To subscribe to Jeff's free newsletter, visit"

Today's feature article "The Value of Public Relations versus Advertising" covers a new way of getting your success in front of your Customers. I have used Motivators since 1985 very successfully in this manner. Many of the articles appearing in the Articles and Case Study section of our web page where written by motivators. Click here to read some of them.




Some comments we received on the new format of the Maset News:

I found your last edition of the Maset News perfectly done. Keep up the good work.

The change, which took place in the presentation of the newsletter, is tremendous. The contents are very precise and good. Congratulations for that!

Very interesting stuff on Baldrige... I will send ahead this letter to some of my partners....

I thoroughly enjoy reading the Maset News, its certainly at the right pitch, very informative but crisp and to the point keep it up, I also notice that you have a few more learning and training opportunities to your portfolio, it sounds very exciting….




During June we did not added anything new to our web page. There are a number of additions in the works and we will be adding them during the next few months.




The Value of Public Relations versus Advertising

By Jim Myers, President Motivators®

Motivators®, Inc. is recognized as both a public relations and advertising company, but one look at its portfolio of projects clearly shows which strategy the company considers more important.

Founded in 1972 by Jim Myers, Motivators® focuses on the importance of public relations first, and advertising second, to accomplish the client's marketing strategy. "Companies should just as strongly realize the value of news releases, promotional efforts and article placement," says Myers on the importance of public relations.

"Most of the times, these elements carry more credibility with the prospect than does pure advertising."

Advertising is the best tool to use if you need to control message delivery (often because you've got a totally sales-oriented message) or if you need quick results. Basically, if you've got enough money, you can buy the time or space to say whatever you want about yourself and your business (and sometimes even about your competition).

While advertising can only induce your target audience to try you once, public relations is about developing and maintaining beneficial, two-way relationships with the people who can influence your success.

Members of the media are a big influencer, but so are customers, employees, distributors, investors, analysts, industry leaders, government regulators and community leaders. The tools of public relations are quite varied. They include media relations/publicity, customer relations, advisory groups, financial relations, employee relations, industry relations, speaker's bureaus/speaker training, community relations, crisis communications planning, special events, sponsorships and promotions.

Myers says public relations accomplishes two things for Motivators' clients. First, it educates the public and generates name familiarity. At the same time, it does produce sales.

"We motivate the prospects to buy our clients' products and/or services," he said. "And I think that is the underlying effort, in a generic sense, of what advertising and public relations is all about-to get someone to do something."

Hiring an external PR agency, with the experience Motivators®, Inc. has, is cost-effective and succeeds in getting vast public media exposure.

For example, an industry leader worked on a special, high-profile, promotional event for eight months using only their inside PR department and got one local area newspaper article. Then they hired Motivators®, Inc. to take over the project who infused new insights and news angles. In the four remaining months of the year, Motivators®, Inc. got for the client 42 local and national print articles, 24 radio and TV news and feature pieces. Plus, eight non-news cable and network TV shows did feature stories (some with remotes or special crew video).

Myers says the biggest challenge for him is getting potential clients to recognize the importance of public relations services. "We are not the kind of professional that performs a service requiring many specialized skills and training as doctors and lawyers do," Myers says. "Therefore, clients believe they can possibly do the same work themselves, so why hire an agency to do it?"

Proving that public relations actually works is one of the reasons publicists have such a hard time convincing potential clients of its benefits. "It's been built up in the mindset of many business owners that the only way (they are going) to attract customers is through advertising," Myers said. "But I know (and our efforts prove it) that the public relations side is just as beneficial to a client. They do generate as many sales leads-if not more-through publicity or public relations efforts than with advertising."




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