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September 16, 2009

Quick Change Improvement Process

Fast, Organized Approach to Improvement

Quick Change

In response to today's economic situation where resources including personnel, capital, and cash flow are being stretched in all directions, the Quick Change Process was developed. Since its introduction, the Quick Change Process has proved to be very successful, especially when you need to get select processes working better, results fasters, and without investing a lot of money or time.

Quick Change is an intensely focused methodology, which quickly identifies process improvement opportunities and moves rapidly toward resolution. It supports process improvement and Six Sigma initiatives by providing an additional approach when root cause and data analysis are not prime factors in a successful effort, but speed to implement is.

It is a very focused approach based on a central concept of empowered teams and process owners working together under tight deadlines to produce measurable improvements. This methodology quickly identifies process improvement opportunities and moves rapidly towards resolution within 5 to 30 days.

Steps involved in Quick Change Process:

  1. Senior Management commitment to the initiative is the key step. Management sets boundaries, expectations, and selects team members.
  2. Team is assembled for an intense session in a 2 day time frame and has been empowered by management with appropriate support and guidance.
  3. Team members must include representatives of all key functions that touch the process (preferably those who actually do the work) as well as customers and suppliers, if appropriate.
  4. During a two day facilitated work session the team will:
    • Identify suppliers and their input(s) to the process
    • Identify customers and their desired outputs
    • Identify all the steps in the process
    • List problems and causes and then brainstorm for possible solutions
    • Prioritize the brainstorming ideas and rank by (1) cost/benefit (2) speed to implementation in line with 5 to 30 day timeframe and (3) probability of quick success.
    • Develop a list of implementable solutions, action items, with identified action item owner, team members, and steps required to complete the action item.
  5. Review of results of the two-day workshop, action items and milestones by senior management.
  6. Commitment by senior management of required resources and support for the changes.
  7. The team completes the Action Items chosen.
  8. Follow up meeting between senior management and the action item owners at the end of the 5 to 30 days to report results of their efforts.

Additional outcomes of Quick Change Sessions are:

  1. Many other solutions that can be implemented later.
  2. Solutions needing cross functional review for broader input prior to implementation.
  3. Teams Chartered to work on developing further detailed and tested solutions.
  4. Identification of other initiatives that cover the area and out of scope proposals.

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