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October 6, 2009

Collaboration Skills

A series of presentations were conducted the past twelve months. The audiences were primarily operational leaders from service and manufacturing companies, large and small, with usually 50-90 attendees at each session. Many were project managers, operation managers, HR leaders - people who have direct responsibility for leading the processes that determine a company's success.

Most everyone indicated that they had trained employees in the diagnostic tools, Six Sigma, Lean, 8 D's, PDCA, etc, but significant change did not happen. What become very evident is that it is fairly easy to teach and train employees in these diagnostic tools, but these tools don't teach them to work together and to collaborate.

Collaboration Skills is a hands-on seminar that helps you improve thinking approaches and provides additional skills that allow you to move past conflict and work more effectively, both in one-on-one relationships and group situations - in all sorts of meetings.

Collaboration Skills Program Objectives:

  • Prepare the complete organization to communicate more openly and effectively
  • Improve the quality of decisions being made
  • Build better support for decisions to assure successful implementation
  • Build team's ability to handle conflict and change
  • Accelerate company improvement and innovation initiatives
  • Turn good thinking into a significant competitive advantage

Today, successful leaders are not those that compete and fight for individual advantage, but those who build participation, bridge differences, and facilitate collaborative solutions.

Maset LLC is available to help you reduce waste by training your organization to use Collaboration Skills:

Please see for an example of a successful intervention.

If you missed the radio interview with Charles Loew on KBZNZ - Radio Business Journal and you want to listen to it you will find it on our web site at -

Maset has the ability, the resources, and a history of successes, so we are confident in our ability to deliver superior results for your organization.

Maset has the ability, the resources, and a history of successes, making us confident in our ability to deliver superior results for your organization.

Contact Charles Loew today to begin the journey.

Charles Loew
Maset, LLC

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