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Organizational Business Systems Analysis

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was presented to Motorola in 1988 after nearly a decade of internal analysis, training, and application of change. The internal analysis process has shown that most organizations have more work and problems than they can effectively address. This results in the immediate pressures of schedules, problems, and resources which, in turn, force a focus on "find and fix" processes rather than "plan and prevent" methodologies. "Fire fighting" or "thrashing" are the normal ways of life. To further complicate the issue, many of today's problems are recurring, having consumed resources in the past as well as today. Managers and people in the organization are often too close to their day-to-day issues to see an effective transition to the plan and prevent mode.

Three areas must be addressed in order to break this pattern:
      1) obtain a clear evaluation of the present status.
      2) determine an effective way to eliminate recurring problems.
      3) establish a methodology for continuous improvement.

Motorola found, both internally and with many customers and suppliers, that an objective evaluation from outside the organization is a key element in starting the transition process. Objectivity means that the evaluation must be done by individuals who do not have a personal vested interest in the organization of concern.

Motorola has, in the past, utilized outside consulting firms to do such evaluations. The scope of the studies has varied from individual consultants to massive studies by large consulting firms. A review of these studies has indicated that a small number of experienced, skilled consultants are the most effective approach, from both functional and cost aspects.

Motorola decided in late 1988 and early 1989 to establish an internal consulting function, among whose duties would be to perform analysis of organization's needs for improvement. This internal group was the Application Consulting Team, ACT which is now part of the Consulting & Training Services. The primary charter of ACT was to be a change agent focused on the organization's critical success factors. It is recognized that this will necessarily include your key customers and suppliers.

Maset has obtained the rights and has the experts capable to conduct an Organizational Business Systems Analysis. Maset Senior Consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The process involves a series of interviews with personnel in various functions and at various levels in the client organization. Experience has shown that these interviews, each lasting a maximum of one and one-half hours and performed over two to twelve days depending on the organization's size, can give a clear picture of the organization's strengths and weaknesses. Further, the analysis identifies to what extent the organization is focused on critical success factors. This evaluation is presented to the client, orally and/or written as a report. In addition, suggestions are made on courses of action to improve the organization. Maset has had successes in a variety of organizations and businesses throughout the world.

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