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Implementing the Six Steps to Six Sigma*

In today's global marketplace it is no longer adequate to improve "product quality" alone. Organizations must continuously improve the quality of all aspects of their business. Competitive pressures make it imperative to provide Total Customer Satisfaction. Continuous improvement in business areas other than "product quality" is dependent upon constant review and refinement of customer requirements and the processes used to meet them.

Motorola developed the Six Steps to Six Sigma methodology to assist Motorola organizations to improve the quality of their administrative work in their journey to achieve Six Sigma quality in all aspects of their business. Many administrative functions at Motorola have achieved significant breakthroughs in their continuous improvement journeys by the use of the methodology.

Motorola has also helped a variety of Motorola customers and suppliers, in a wide range of industrial and service environments, understand and use the Utilizing the Six Steps to Six Sigma concept to make similar breakthroughs. Motorola University’s Consulting and Training Services organization is chartered to provide this "outside" support.

The methodology used to help organizations quickly institutionalize the Utilizing the Six Steps to Six Sigma concept has three basic elements.

  1. Train employees in the concept. The training uses a one-day course that was designed by Motorola to help participants understand the basic concepts of Six Sigma, and the formal six-step process for achieving continuous improvement towards the goal of Total Customer Satisfaction.
  2. Assist the organization in selecting the initial "projects". Formal projects are used initially to drive the use of the concept in key areas of the organization. The main criteria for selection are that they address critical business issues. Once these are successful, second and third phase projects can be selected until the concept is internalized by the organization and becomes institutionalized.
  3. Provide "Applications Assistance" as required during the life of the projects. This ensures that the teams use the Six Steps to Six Sigma process effectively and the organization gains the maximum benefit from each project.

*Six Sigma is a service mark of Motorola Inc.

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