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Organizational Assessment using the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence
to Prioritize Where to Assign Typically Scarce Resources
to Provide Maximum Value

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Conduct assessments, guide internal efforts, and help identify high-value/high leverage opportunities to achieve significant improvements in business results using the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program Criteria for Performance Excellence.

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The Criteria are designed to help organizations enhance their performance through focus on dual, results-oriented goals:

  • Delivery of ever-improving value to customers, resulting in significantly enhanced marketplace success
  • Improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities

    Companies who have won the Baldrige Award outperform the S&P 500 by more than 2.6:1 in terms of shareholder value - and companies that use the criteria to focus improvement and change initiatives can expect similar results in terms of:

  • Enhanced competitiveness
  • Improved value to customers
  • Improved overall performance

    Depending on a client's needs, Maset, LLC can create a flexible approach to:

  • Conduct assessment of a company's application for the Baldrige or a State Award
  • Evaluate a company to the Baldrige criteria
  • Analyze the results of an assessment and provide prioritized feedback regarding opportunities for improvement with the greatest benefit and leverage for improved value
  • Train and guide internal company examiners to perform effective assessments
  • Guide a company in preparing an application for Baldrige or a State Award
  • Guide a company in preparing for a Baldrige or State Award Site Visit

    Companies using the criteria to guide and focus their improvement efforts reap substantial benefits in terms of:

  • Stock price - 59% greater (119% vs. 75%)
  • Operating Income - 212% greater (91% vs. 43%)
  • Sales - 216% greater (69% vs. 32%)
  • Return on Sales - 800% greater (8% vs. 0%) (based on actual results of Baldrige-winning companies averaged over 5 years and compared to a control group of similar companies)

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