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Information Systems Strategic Planning

In today's rapidly changing global marketplace, Information Systems are the critical and powerful medium for enabling and managing corporate innovation and growth. No organization can extend its markets, create its products and services, communicate with its suppliers and buyers, manage its investments, or communicate with its customers and employees without Information Systems. Yet, even though corporate Information Systems spending continues to increase substantially, the majority of Information Systems projects are grossly over budget (51% of Information Systems projects are 189% over budget, GartnerGroup) or never reach completion (30% of Information Systems projects, GartnerGroup).

Historically, Information Systems organizations have been trapped in a "fire fighting" mode. Most Information Systems organizations move from one Information Systems crisis to the next, with project prioritizing set by the constituent with the biggest stick or the loudest complaint. With a never-ending backlog of potential Information Systems crises, Information Systems organizations are continually busy, but making little or no REAL progress.

To succeed in today's marketplace, it is imperative that an Information Systems organization be proactive rather than reactive. It must develop a coherent Information Systems Business Strategy that is aligned with and enables the overall Corporate Business Strategy. Further it must develop, prioritize, and monitor Information Systems projects that support this shared Business Vision. MASET has a group of experienced consultants from a variety of backgrounds and industries that can help an Information Systems organization develop an Information Systems Strategic Plan. MASET employs a proven methodology for evaluating client needs. MASET can help an Information Systems organization establish its Strategic Plan including the Vision, Mission, and Action Steps necessary to achieve that Plan. Further, with its method of Technology Road Mapping, MASET can help your Information Systems organization become an industry leader.

Specifically, in the case of Information Systems Strategic Planning, the process begins with an evaluation of the overall Corporate Vision, Mission, Values, and Business Strategy. Only with an intimate understanding of the competitive marketplace, the opportunities and risks, and the corporation's core competencies, can the Information Systems organization determine how it will add value and further, how it will enhance and exploit corporate core competencies. Using a combination of management tools, MASET aids the Information Systems organization in developing a conceptual roadmap of how it must look and behave in order to exceed corporate needs. With an Information Systems Vision in place, MASET assesses the client's current Information Systems environment, specifically in terms of staff, processes, technological capabilities, and relationship management. The purpose of the assessment is two-fold: to determine the client's current position and to determine how great the gap is from where the client needs to be.

Based on the evaluation and analysis of the corporate objectives and the Information Systems current organizational assessment, an Information Systems Organization Strategy is the final deliverable. This Information Systems Strategic Plan is custom to the needs and environment of each client and is developed by a team of the client's personal coached by the Maset Consultant. In this manor the ownership of the Information Systems Organization Strategy belongs firmly with our client and becomes the driver for the implementation by the client. It typically includes a CIO Strategy, developed to ensure the Vision and direction of the Information Systems organization as a whole, and an Information Systems Strategy for each major business division, business unit, functional area, or the like.

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