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Project Management
The Competitive Edge
"Project Management, properly implemented,
provides a company with business processes
that results in their customer deliverables
being produced on time, within cost
and of the highest quality".

MASET offers its clients a full range of Project Management implementations, support services, training, tools, and useable products that have consistently delivered results on a broad range of client programs and projects. Our Project Management staff professionals have extensive practical and successful experience in all types of technical, research, developmental, construction and administrative-type programs and projects.

MASET is a fully licensed provider of several outstanding companies associated with Project Management training. The first is Motorola Inc. and MASET has the authority to use all of their copyrighted and field-tested Project Management best-practice techniques that can be applied and scaled to fit any size or type of project. MASET and PCI Global Inc. have joined forces to provide you their Bottom-Line Management and their PCI Curriculum of Computer Simulation Seminars designed to address your immediate learning opportunities. Imagine that you have a project you want to start now and your classically trained employees are engaged on other assignments. With PCI products we can help train a team to start the new project in just a short time. MASET staff members are professionally qualified in Primavera project management software, Microsoft Project and a variety of other popular commercial packages. Using techniques developed through years of experience, MASET also strives for effective knowledge transfer to the client for the express purpose of increasing the client's staff competency in project management.

MASET can provide your company with experienced Program and Project Managers and other professional project staff skilled in all aspects of project integration and control, including project quality, scheduling, resource and cost estimating, budgeting, analysis, and procurement/subcontract management. MASET is also capable of quickly staffing a full Program/Project Management Office (PMO) for the client, with staffing levels determined by the needs of the project.

Based on the experience of our clients' companies that have successfully achieved results through project management, MASET can provide you with individuals and teams to help do project assessment, project planning, project scheduling, project execution, analysis and recovery services to individual projects. Our staff has helped clients' organizations define and implement the strategic supporting environment that builds a project management culture and competency throughout the organization.

The key to MASET's success is to tailor the application of project management processes, tools, and techniques to each client's individual culture and its specific business needs. Our philosophy is that too much project management incurs unnecessary cost, while too little will not produce the intended result to justify the investment. In this regard, MASET also utilizes a risk-based graded approach to project management. High-risk, high-importance projects receive the highest level of project control and the application of techniques such as earned value and critical path scheduling. Lower risk projects can be properly managed and controlled with less rigorous project controls. Basic project management principles will apply to all projects. The risk-based graded approach ensures an appropriate level of project control and avoids unnecessary cost.

Project management implementations, processes and tools developed for MASET clients are fully compliant with ISO10006: 97, ANSI, & IEEE standards, incorporate relevant industry best practices, and are consistent with the Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), a world-wide recognized standard.

Some of the more important results we can help clients achieve are:

  • The Senior Management understanding of the benefits of Project Management;
  • The Middle Management understanding of the critical role they play in Projects;
  • The development of your organization's unique PM Methodology for use by your teams;
  • Creating the supporting environment (rewards, consequences, processes, tools, education, etc.), in which projects will have a high likelihood of success;
  • Creation of IT databases containing information that can be used for optimization and trade-off decisions;
  • Forward look forecasting that maintains focus on the project end objectives and deliverables;
  • Fast, formal integrated project planning which will allow your projects to start in days and not months;
  • Skill development through project management training, workshops and mentoring;
  • Early warning of project problems;
  • Risk and issues data and options;
  • Effective and timely scope, schedule and cost progress reporting;
  • Gaining acceptance from your customers of your project management implementation as a viable major management method supporting their needs;
  • Implementing project management in the operating funded arena;
  • Producing project results quickly!


The following Products and Services are just some of those available to you through MASET: Many of our Products and Services are unique custom engagements designed just for you

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