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A One-Day Overview -
"Establishing a Six Sigma Culture"

There are many misconceptions in organizations today about Six Sigma and Black Belt. A one-day overview offered by Maset is an excellent way of obtaining a basic understanding of Six Sigma, Black Belt and how to establish and implement a Six Sigma Culture within an Organization. This seminar is ideal for a Senior Management Team that is interested in learning what will be involved in establishing a Six Sigma Culture. Following this day the Management Team will be able to make an informed decision about adopting Six Sigma.

This seminar can also serve as an excellent awareness session for all employees in an organization.

During this one-day session a complete understanding of Six Sigma, what it means, how to implement it, what some of the results might be will be discussed. Prior to the session, discussions will be held between the Maset Consultant and the organization to determine the type of business that the organization is involved in, any important circumstances surrounding the business and to obtain a clear understanding of the objective of the one-day overview in order to tailor the seminar to best suit the audience.

The one-day seminar begins with an introduction and brief overview of the factors effecting implementation of a Cultural Change. This will then be developed into how one would establish the Six Sigma Quality Culture in an organization. A review of the Motorola story brings out many lessons learned and mistakes that can be avoided. It also details the requirements for successful adoption and implementation of Six Sigma. Detail understanding of the tools of Six Sigma and why they are used follows. As a result of the focused presentation and significant interaction between the presenter and the audience, the subject will have been well covered giving everyone a good understanding of the Six Sigma culture.

In the afternoon a good amount of time is devoted to understanding the role Cycle Time Reduction plays in implementing a Six Sigma Culture. The tools used to reduce Cycle time are reviewed and the powerful tool of Cross Functional Process Mapping is explained in detail.

The third section of the day's activities details case studies from organizations that have applied these tools and have achieved very positive results. These case studies cross the world and come from many industries.

The fourth segment of the day begins by detailing how two organizations went through the decision making process to decide to adopt a Six Sigma Culture. We then explain how each of these organization proceeded to implement and roll out the initiative throughout their organizations. This segment concludes with real data on the financial results of successful implementation of Six Sigma.

An optional segment is available describing the capabilities of the Maset organization and the areas of expertise of all of the associates.

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