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Overview of the Software / CMM Approach
(SEI, CMM, CMMI Capability Maturity)

Our approach to CMM deployment combines education on the CMM model and CMM Assessment with an early initial Assessment. We also believe that it is imperative to make rapid progress in the early stages, both to capitalize on the initial enthusiasm and as a desirable goal in itself.

A typical deployment Program is as follows.

  • Senior Managers meet to take part in a half-day seminar/workshop. This provides an opportunity for both learning about the CMM and a discussion of the organization's potential issues and opportunities.
  • Key Managers, opinion formers, and those selected to be internal CMM Assessors take part in the half-day CMM Practitioner Overview. This provides insight into the CMM and the opportunity for discussion on the deployment. Outline Planning for the initial mini-assessment is carried out with the internal participants enabling them to develop the plans in readiness for the Mini-Assessment.
  • The initial Mini-Assessment is carried out with a focus on identifying the major areas requiring action
  • Post assessment planning is carried out to develop the overall CMM Deployment Plan.

Assessment team member selection - typically 2-4 members of the organization's staff take part in the Initial Assessment as assessors. A further 2-4 staff have the opportunity to take part in the assessment as Observers, an opportunity to gain Assessment skills and experience.


Initial CMM Mini-Assessment

The approach to the Assessment Process is designed to enable an effective assessment to be carried out while providing the opportunity for the organization's staff to gain assessment skills that will enable them to carry out 'micro' assessments to determine progress as the CMM deployment proceeds. The Mini-Assessment also keeps costs lower than a full assessment, usually 'overkill' in a start-up mode.

A fully scored assessment approach is employed. Scoring for each CMM KPA and practice is made available.

A typical Assessment work breakdown and timetable is as follows:

* Senior Manager Overview


* Practitioner Overview / Planning

1 day

* CMM Mini-Assessment / Results Overview

2 days

* CMM Deployment Planning / Final Report

1 day


Assessment Registration

If desired, the results of the Mini-Assessment are formally registeredwith the SEI.

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