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Change the Culture -
by Engaging the WorkForce

Organizations frequently struggle with change initiatives at the point of implementation. Many efforts fail for one fundamental reason: the initiative is treated as a top-down process in which the manager's job is to get employees "buy-in". The traditional scenario requires that somewhere in the early phase of a change effort employees learn about the new focus; then they are supposed to make it successful. Since the plan was created behind closed doors without the input of the people who have to do the job, the application lacks understanding, ownership, and the motivation of the workforce. This traditional change scenario requires managers to be excellent sales people with top-notch communication skills and the ability to quickly motivate a workforce. Assuming sales skills are not the competencies required for the job, it is unreasonable to expect the managers to be effective at overcoming resistance that builds when another top-down initiative is enforced.

Employees are a workforce -- a force to be engaged in the creation of strategic growth plans. The force is key to an organization's solutions and is capable of managing itself when informed and involved in generating ideas and action planning. The most profound culture change occurs when the organization's strategies become the work of the employees. Then the workforce is engaged in the discussions and solutions for growing an organization at the onset. The result is employees take ownership for the outcomes, take pride in its success, and use managers as resources instead of the owners of the change. A culture that has been inclined to fault and blame from a traditional approach to managing becomes redirected to one of self-responsibility and ownership. Employees also develop a sense of accountability to each other because they contribute to the solutions and make commitments to their role for its success.

There are several methodologies by which an organization can engage its workforce, ultimately known as large-scale change. The common elements in each any large-scale change are:

  • a critical issue for the organization or the group;
  • bringing together people with something to contribute and something at stake;
  • willingness to listen and support the workforce in overcoming real barriers to success;
  • the opportunity to focus on the issue and take decisive action…all in the same meeting.

Fueled by the participants' passion for their work and the commitment to make a difference, the large-scale forum creates community around solutions and core values that bring people together in the first place. The power behind any successful change effort is the degree in which the people who have to implement the changes are engaged in the solution. The practice of large-scale change is revolutionary for some; the results are evolutionary to all.

Possible Application and Outcomes:

  • Create culture shift.
  • Break down organizational barriers to effectiveness.
  • Increase stakeholder responsibility and contribution.
  • Inspire breakthrough thinking and creativity.
  • Manage conflict situations.
  • Make tough decisions.
  • Access peoples' passions and interests.
  • See the situation through multiple perspectives.
  • Create vision, mission, and goals with the organization.
  • Build community and trust.
  • Learn how to do more with less, to use resources wisely.
  • Enable managers to act as leaders.

Where we begin:

  1. We work with you to clarify the issue and the large-scale strategy best suited for your workforce.
  2. Conduct Leadership briefings.
  3. Prepare communication to inform and involve the workforce in the large-scale event.
  4. Identify issues and actions in the large-scale event.
  5. Support the people to act upon their ideas.
  6. Coach the managers (if necessary) to lead and refrain from micro-managing.

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