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Developing Leaders

Successful organizations do not just happen…they take work.
Successful leaders do not just happen…they take work.

Successful organizations have people working together to build and sustain a high level of success. This takes strong leadership, leading the way . . . doing the right things with the right people at the right time.

Based on the existing business environment of competitive pressure and continual change, new and upgraded skills are essential. Concentrating on developing strong leaders is a business necessity and a requirement for staying in the marketplace.

The skills and abilities it takes to be this leader can be taught or the existing knowledge can be fine-tuned.

  • The first key to developing managers in your organization is to determine what type of leadership is needed to support your culture. Determine skills and behaviors that will help accomplish and meet the overriding organizational goals. This can be done by interviewing select groups of people, a paper and pencil questionnaire, or one to one interviewing.

  • Second, assess the current strengths and weaknesses of the managers.

  • Third, provide training and coaching to learn what is expected.

  • Fourth, develop a way to measure and reward success.

  • Provide ongoing coaching to give feedback and support to the managers.

Most of this training and coaching is customized in order to meet the organization's existing needs and the level of management being considered.

This process has been applied across Motorola as well as with suppliers and customers. This process has also helped managers get greater results in their role by changing the way they think about issues like dealing with problem employees, motivating staff, giving feedback to improve performance, finding quality employees, boosting low morale, and managing through change.

This process will leave the manager with a "tool kit" they can rely on to solve old problems with optimal solutions.

As a direct result of the leadership training, the organization will begin to achieve significantly greater results than were achieved prior to the leadership training.

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