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Team Building

The world in which we live is undergoing rapid change; the organizations in which we work are also going through rapid change. Therefore, it is important that we develop high-performing teams that are able to focus energy, respond rapidly to opportunities, and share both responsibilities and rewards.

Developing high performing teams can be done through teambuilding or team development. The overall objective is to improve the team's performance and develop a more cohesive, mutually supportive, and trusting group. It is expected that this group will have high expectations for task accomplishment and will, at the same time, respect individual differences in values, skills, personalities, and idiosyncratic behavior.

The following additional positive outcomes will also occur as a direct result of having an effective teaming organization:

a better understanding of each team member's role in the work group

a better understanding of the team's charter . . . its purpose and role in the total functioning of the organization

increased communication among team members about team issues that affect the efficiency of the group

greater support among group members

a clearer understanding of group processes . . . the behavior and dynamics of any group that works closely together

more effective ways of working through problems inherent to the team . . . at both task and interpersonal levels

the ability to use conflict in a positive rather than a destructive way

greater collaboration among team members and the reduction of competition that is costly to individual, group and organization

a group's increased agility to work with other groups in the organization

a sense of interdependence among group members

This development can take place after an initial assessment has been done to determine the present status of the team. The team-building process will then be customized and delivered to meet the individual team needs. It is important that a measurement and renewal process be developed and utilized as well.

Successful team building should nurture individual potential which, in turn, results in improved organization effectiveness.

This process has been used throughout Motorola having immediate results for the team and team members. The outcomes have been varied, but, in all cases, there has been an instant increase in motivation among the team members with greater focus toward goal accomplishment.

Team building can take place over time with team sizes from 4 to a whole organization or can happen in 4 hours to 40 hours depending on the team needs and issues. An agreement is reached among organizational leaders, team members, and the facilitators regarding time and process.

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