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Professional Facilitation of Meetings

Maset Meeting Facilitation Services:

  • Strategic Planning Sessions

  • Budget Planning Sessions

  • Objectives & Goals Sessions

  • Potentially Confrontational Situations

  • Staff Meetings

Maset professionals will:

  1. Determine your desired outcome for the meeting - the deliverables.

  2. Help identify the target audience so that the meeting will have the maximum effect.

  3. Produce an agenda

  4. Introduce the agenda to the participants

    • Deliverables

    • Ground rules

    • Desired outcomes

  5. Facilitate the discussion

    • Provide the "outsider's view"

    • Ensure participation

      • Draw out the quiet attendees

      • Manage the dominant personalities

    • Provide strife resolution or arbitration

    • Aid prioritization

    • Validate discussion findings

    • Reach consensus

  6. Track assignments and commitments

  7. Summarize the discussion

  8. Provide feedback on any cultural or organizational issues

  9. Provide follow-on review or project management

    The biggest problems with any organizational initiative are usually related to implementation. Developing the action plan and then managing to the plan are usually best accomplished by a third party Project Manager without the organizational or cultural "baggage" that may hamper the insiders. Maset also offers Project Management to clients - click on the following link for details.

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