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Facilitation of Focus Groups

Maset Focus Group Facilitation:

Maset can facilitate your Focus Group sessions to give an "outsider's view" while getting the necessary information for your organization's initiatives. Many times the knowledge sought, questions asked, and interpretations made are internally focused with a subsequent loss of key information. Professional facilitators with no preconceived notions can deliver the unbiased customer inputs to your staff.

Maset professionals will:

  1. Determine your desired outcome for the meeting - the deliverables

  2. Help identify the target audience so that the meeting will have the maximum effect

  3. Produce an agenda

  4. Introduce the agenda to the participants

    • Deliverables

    • Ground rules

    • Desired outcomes

  5. Facilitate the discussion

    • Provide the "outsider's view"

    • Ensure participation

      • Draw out the quiet attendees

      • Manage the dominant personalities

    • Provide strife resolution or arbitration

    • Aid prioritization

    • Validate discussion findings

    • Reach consensus

  6. Track assignments and commitments

  7. Summarize the discussion

  8. Provide accurate unbiased feedback from the focus sessions

  9. Provide follow-on recommendation and suggest next steps

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