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While listening to a series of detailed strategic presentations, the Chairman and CEO of the Organization quickly realized that the most significant long- term challenges facing the Organization and its future were not being addressed. Frequently, each operating President was addressing a piece of a strategic puzzle, with excellent plans for execution relevant to his/her perceptions of their business segment issues at hand. At the same time, when the operational pieces were put together, instead of a mosaic the picture was inconsistent and skewed. In addition the picture did not address a cohesive synergistic long-range plan of growth and methodology to increase shareholder value.

Worse yet was the realization that each President was addressing only those long-term issues for which the division had a detailed response. Lost in the haze of rhetoric and data were the few major strategic challenges that would make or break the future success and growth of the their Organization.

Frequently, strategic planning is an agonizing exercise in detailing how to best address what each segment of the company envisions as extended operational issues. Seldom are we able to collaborate, identify, and jointly address the most significant long-term challenges that the division Presidents do not know how to plan for or respond to. Many times the sum of the Division Plans actually sub-optimize the potential of the complete organization.

Strategic Planning is a journey, which requires experience, insights, business judgment, and purposeful motion. The process is what allows for the development of vision, understanding, integrated actions, and continued vigilance. The process of Strategic Planning also develops a complete understanding and buy in from each of the Key business leaders so that they can describe the Vision and drive the adoption and implementation of the plan throughout the organization.

Maset LLC provides experienced retired executives who have recently held senior positions including Chairmen and CEOs. Executives, with realistic expectations, who have developed strategic planning insights, processes, and techniques to uncover the most significant business challenges as well as proven methods for addressing them.

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