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As one CEO once said to us, "I am surrounded by talented, dedicated people, who know our products, customers, and their industry as well if not better than anyone else. I know that when the time comes they will choose the best of the options that they and their team will envision. At the same time, I often find myself grasping for the insights, details, creative alternatives, fresh outlook, global perspective and experiences that only a veteran executive can hope to bring to the table." He then went on to question where all of the veteran Chairpersons, Board Executives, and CEOs had gone.

Many times it is critical for a CEO to be able to have available an experienced, neutral, outside executive opinion. Frequently, issues arise which may lend themselves to a set of experiences, relationships, and confidentiality not always available within the organization. At times like these, CEOs seek out experienced veterans who have mentored CEOs on boards, chaired their own boards, or led their own companies.

Whether a medium-sized, large, or start-up company, when there is the need for an experienced global strategic assessment of a specific set of issues, review of a new business option, tweaking a business plan, or offering a challenging discussion related to how to grow the current business, a second opinion can be invaluable.

Our CEO friend asked if we could develop a farm team of experienced CEOs, Chairpersons, Board Members, and Venture Executives. Realizing that different qualifications are required for different situations, we have brought together a team of seasoned executives who can be retained for short or longer-term assignments.

Mentoring assignments usually range from working with young entrepreneurs in start-ups, to special global issue assignments, to longer-term executive mentoring in medium- to larger-sized companies.

Acting under a consulting capacity, we do not place our executives on the management team or the board of directors of a company. They have been in capacities requiring 80-100 hours per week, with global travel. At this point, each of them would prefer to contract with a very limited number of companies in order to focus their efforts as well as have time to enjoy golf, tennis, or other "retirement" pleasures.

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