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In today's fast paced, technologically-based business environment, the requirement for global innovation and creation of new businesses, through rapid constructive business renewal, is accelerating. At the same time, the ability to attract, as well as retain, entrepreneurial thought leaders and innovators is becoming more difficult.

The mid- to larger-sized corporation must be able to steadily grow its core businesses while, at the same time, be quick to seize upon new global business opportunities and pilot completely new ideas.

Normally, a corporation is able to identify, develop, and grow the talent needed to expand and extend its core business base. At the same time, the ability to identify and act quickly on newly related business opportunities may not be sufficient to grow the corporation and extend its global reach. In addition, many corporations lack the knowledge, skill sets, and organizational structures to identify and move forward upon discontinuities in the global marketplace. Such discontinuities may have presented them the opportunity to grow their business in newly emerging high-growth industries.

The Corporate Venturing thrust permits the Chairman and CEO to address the need to identify, scope, invest in, and grow new core global businesses for future corporate growth. In addition, it offers senior management an opportunity to pilot new businesses outside of the mainstream core business model and culture. Furthermore, an opportunity to attract and retain young, entrepreneurial thought leaders and innovators presents itself through investment in smaller firms as well as entrepreneurial start ups.

Motorola Corporation, over a 15-year period, developed a winning process, methodology, and culture supportive of new business ideas, newly emerging global industry investments, and methodologies for internal and external start-ups. Over a billion dollars in current and future value were created in the last five years of the organization alone.

The methodologies, processes, perspective, experience, and insights into global corporate venturing are available, through Maset, with the recently retired Vice President and General Manager of this organization.

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