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Executive Retreat
Planning and Facilitation

Executive or leadership retreats and workshops are commonplace in organizations today. They are an opportunity to resolve strategic issues, achieve new insights, build understanding and commitment, build the team, or set new directions for organizations. It often is a high risk, high reward meeting. The attendees typically have jammed schedules, unbelievable pressures, and many distractions. The interpersonal dynamics and "politics" of the situation may make such meetings a challenge to achieve the desired outcomes.

An outsider who is objective and experienced in senior leadership retreats and workshops may be the best way to plan and facilitate such events for success. Working closely with the organization, the professional can help in these areas:

  • Issue identification

  • Clarification of objectives

  • Identify potential concerns and obstacles and how to address

  • Design a retreat process to meet the objectives

  • Facilitate the design

  • Provide a means for action planning and follow-up

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