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What is ERP system

Seminar for management and future users

This seminar is designed to explain the principles of computer integrated management systems (ERP/MRP II). It is not based on any particular software but instead it explains the principles, methods of implementation, and selection of the software. Our experience shows that this seminar clarifies the terminology, understanding, and scope of such project like implementation of integrated management system. It is recommended for companies thinking about replacing their existing legacy systems or companies just beginning the selection or implementation process.

The following topics will be discussed during the seminar:

  • How does ERP system work

  • What does it mean - integrated system

  • What are the basic modules of ERP system

  • How to select software and hardware

  • How to organize implementation of the system

  • Expected results and benefits

  • How long should it take and how much will it cost

  • How to evaluate the level of implementation

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