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We live in a changing world where the speed of change is ever on the increase and with it comes stress and confusion that at times seems beyond our apparent resources. Rapid responses to the marketplace will only be possible in organizations with a new imperative. Leaders and team members alike must radically shift the way they think and act at work, placing new emphasis on learning and harnessing individual and collective creativity and potential. This is accomplished by interactive coaching.

Coaches help their clients set better goals, supporting them in doing more than they would on their own. They provide the tools, support, and structure to focus their efforts on what matters most, immediately improving performance and effectiveness. With the line between personal and business life blurring, the coach is the only professional trained to work with all aspects of an individual. Unlike consulting, the client is the subject matter expert, not the coach. We, as coaches, help clients move forward and set personal and professional goals based on the personal values that will give them the life they really want. We hold onto the clients' agenda and support them as they implement the new skills, changes and goals that will change their life.

Co-active Coaching addresses the whole person - with an emphasis on producing action and uncovering learning that can lead to more fulfillment, more balance, and a more effective process for living. A coach helps individuals draw on resources within themselves that they never knew they had by supporting clients in following these three coaching principals.

  • Fulfillment - what fills the client's heart and soul? A fulfilling life is a valued life, and clients have their own definition of what they value. It is the coach's job to help clients discover their true values and support the development of a life, which lives by those values.
  • Balance - Life balance is a constantly moving state, always in motion. It is the coaches' job to look at whether a client is moving toward or away from personal balance and keep them moving forward in their vision, values and purpose.
  • Process - The coach holds the clients' personal agenda. It is their job to notice, point out, and encourage and support clients wherever they are in their process.

Why does coaching work?

Coaching works for several reasons. Many people are tired of doing what they "should" do and are ready to do something special and meaningful for the rest of their lives. The problem is, many can't see it, or if they can, they can't see a way to reorient their life to obtain it. A coach helps individuals set better goals (ones that naturally pull the client toward the goal rather than goals that require the client to push themselves to the goal), challenges him or her to find out what winning means to them, listens, asks powerful questions that break through old defenses, uses personal experience to intuitively motivate the client, and provides one-to-one synergy that creates momentum and greater success toward living their dreams.

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