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New Product Introduction

In today's highly competitive marketplace, reducing Time to Money (TTM) is essential. Being first to market, while obviously important, is not sufficient. Your new product must not only be introduced on schedule, it must also be available in volume and at the right price point. Having a detailed New Product Introduction Plan is central to achieving these objectives.

The New Product Introduction Plan addresses the definition and implementation of a robust manufacturing strategy for your new product. This involves the transition of a new product from first prototype to production release, through manufacturing ramp-up and culminating in high quality, cost effective high volume manufacturing (HVM).

Has this ever happened to you?

  • You were first to market with a new product but ended up losing market share to competitors who started later but were able to ramp faster
  • You spent more time resolving issues with your suppliers than you did pursuing opportunities with your customers
  • You were forced to add or change suppliers in the middle of a product introduction because your current supplier could not meet your requirements (quality, cost, availability)
  • It was only after you started to manufacture in volume that the first problems began to surface

The Product Implementation Planning Workshop is a two-day interactive session intended for intact team involvement. A one-day follow-up session will be scheduled 4-6 weeks after the workshop to assess team progress. Attendees will apply the concepts presented to develop specific recommendations and plans for an actual client product.

  • Design for Total Customer Satisfaction assessment
  • Manufacturability, Quality, Reliability
  • Supplier management
  • Pre-proto, proto, pilot, ramp-up, HVM strategies
  • Product qualification & certification
  • Recommendation & 1-day post-workshop follow-up review

Coaching and mentoring are also available to facilitate process and organizational development for Supplier Selection & Management and Change Control & ECO Management.

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