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Product Improvement

Product lifecycles continue to shorten as customer quality expectations continue to increase. In order to remain competitive you must continuously improve product quality and performance while simultaneously holding costs down.

Product Improvement is a cross-functional effort between the Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality and Marketing teams to monitor product quality/yield/cost and then identify, prioritize and implement ongoing product improvement activities.

Can you answer the following questions for your current products? What about the products currently in development?

  • What are your top three quality improvement opportunities and how much do they buy you?
  • Does product quality vary as a function of volume? What happens to product quality if volumes increase 100%, 500% or 1000%? What if you decrease volume by 10%, 50% or even 75%?
  • You have identified many product improvement opportunities but money and resources are tight. Which should you pursue?
  • Your product requires a complex manufacturing process and the quality is not where it needs to be. How do you improve it?
  • The product moves through a complex supply chain with value-added steps being performed by multiple suppliers operating in multiple locations. What is the product's true yield? What should it be?

The Product Improvement Workshop is an interactive session and is intended for intact team involvement. Attendees will apply the concepts presented to develop product improvement recommendations for an actual client product. A one-day follow-up session is scheduled for 4-6 weeks after the workshop to assess team progress.

  • Failure Mode Effects Analysis
  • Product improvement roadmaps
  • Recommendation & 1 day post-workshop follow-up review

Coaching and mentoring are also available to facilitate Manufacturing Process Interaction Analysis.

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