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Program Management of
New Product Introduction (NPI)

You are racing to bring your product to market before the competition does. Time and resources are tight. You need to be able to respond quickly and accurately to changing signals from the marketplace. Your strategy is sound, but there are risks.

Program Management starts with project objectives and scope. The Program Manager then works with management and representatives from all stakeholders to develop detailed implementation strategies, schedules, and performance indicators. Moving forward, the Program Manager is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure that enables effective co-ordination, performance monitoring, and risk management.

Could any of these statements apply to your projects?

  • We start out focused but then we always seem to lose track along the way
  • Schedules and priorities change almost daily
  • We underestimated the risks
  • It is as if Engineering and Marketing are talking about different products
  • We have multiple development activities that need to occur in parallel

The NPI Project Mapping Workshop is a two-day interactive session designed for intact project team involvement. A one-day follow-up review session will be scheduled 4-6 weeks after the workshop to review team progress. Attendees work through the session to develop schedules, risk management strategies for a specific client project.

  • Work breakdown structure
  • Project team structure
  • Schedule constraints
  • Critical path analysis
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation/backup planning
  • Indicator & Performance Measurement
  • Progress reviews

Coaching and mentoring support are available to address Project Definition & Goal Setting, Concurrent Engineering, and Change Management.

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