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Strategy Implementation:
Launching a Successful Corporate Initiative

Once a strategy is conceived and an initiative is developed, many organizations fall short in getting the results they wanted because the implementation addressed only some of the elements needed to be successful.

Four elements must work in harmony to successfully implement a strategic initiative. They are:

ProcessA conceptually sound approach is analyzed, developed and documented.
Training & InterventionsA general rollout of the process and a mechanism to help change organizational behavior and develop skills.
ImplementationExecution and support of the process at the local level.
EvaluationA measure of success and source of continuous improvement.

Developing the process involves such things as:

  • A complete action plan for change management, design, development, rollout and evaluation of the process.
  • Approach is conceptualized, researched, developed and tested.
  • Gain senior-level sponsorship. (This cannot be delegated.)
  • Get employee awareness of the upcoming strategy and gain initial acceptance.
  • Define linkage to other key strategies. Plan how to communicate the linkages.
  • Document job aids, tools, procedures, software targeted to support the employee's/end user's needs.
  • Develop strategies to overcome potential human, organizational, and technical barriers to successful implementation.

Before rolling out training and interventions, the following should be considered:

  • Profile the target population. (Is there any challenge in terms of multiple cultures, languages, or locations)
  • Determine the best learning methodologies to be used that are appropriate for this initiative and accommodate the target population. (Awareness briefings, workshops, eLearning, video streaming, etc.)
  • Sequence the appropriate training and organizational activities (Build on introduction; acceptance; and then, skill development)
  • Design and develop training materials and structured learning experiences integrated with the process documentation and rollout.

Implementation requires a project management approach, especially if the rollout is to multiple locations (nationally or internationally) to ensure that the message is consistently delivered at each site. The following should be considered:

  • Senior Management reinforcement and the communication and implementation of consequences.
  • Local implementation of corporate direction; e.g., on the job activities, communities of practice, etc.
  • Follow-up support, coaching and guidance after the training, e.g., a catalyst function.
  • Methods to share lessons learned and a process to promote success stories and share learning.
  • A catalyst function to drive and nurture progress.

Lastly plans on how the success is going to be measured should be identified and planned before the implementation begins. The elements to consider include:

  • Define a progressive series of goals that help measure progress over time.
  • Measure results against initial target goals.
  • Define any limiting factors and their root causes.
  • Methods to systematically improve the process, training, and implementation approaches.

We can help you implement your strategic initiatives and develop a customized implementation strategy that works for your organization so you can successfully implement corporate initiatives internally.

Maset, LLC provides experienced consultants who have developed a global initiative function within Motorola University and launched numerous corporate initiatives to ninety-nine locations in twenty-two countries simultaneously.

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