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How To Obtain Traffic From The Web

The Web is a fluid environment, but then again so is any arena in which you are in competition for audience attention. As a result, building a terrific website (see Part I) does not guarantee that you will reach your target audience, thus wasting your time and money.

The general concepts behind generating Web traffic are simple. Itís the execution that is difficult.

As in the non-Web world, the key is knowing where to find your audience. In many cases most of your traffic can be generated through off-web channels. Your marketing department and sales team can help you here. What trade shows do they attend? What magazines do they read? What TV shows or radio stations can you use?

However, just listing your web address on an advertisement or reading the www at the end of your radio ad might not be sufficient to bring people to your site. Have you given people a solid reason to visit your site? Tell them what theyíll find or provide an incentive to increase your results.

For some businesses, most of their traffic comes from the Web itself. The keys to driving traffic to a site from the Web have changed little. Linking is still extremely important. How many websites have links to yours? Check the referrer statistics in your web traffic reports to find out which ones are working and which are not. For example if you are paying money to be listed in an online yellow pages, but arenít getting very much traffic from that site, you should bail out and put your money elsewhere.

What can you do to increase the number of linked sites? Some suggestions:

  • Build a series of websites each devoted to different parts of your business or targeted to different audiences and provide links to other parts of your business.
  • Make sure your site is listed in the member directory of every association that you belong to that offers a free or reasonably-priced listing. (What is expensive clearly depends on the size of your business, but it should also be tied to concrete traffic numbers that the association provides you in terms of the number of people who use their directory.)
  • Submit your site to all relevant search engines that can demonstrate they attract traffic from your target audiences.
  • Make sure your web address is included in every news story, technical article, press release, etc. written on or by someone in your company.
  • Offer something of value (a free report, discount coupon, etc.) requiring people to go to your website. The web address of that page will be circulated widely in no time.

Although I listed submitting your site to the search engines as one way to generate traffic, itís an approach that few people understand. Too many people assume that all they need to do is get listed in order to have thousands visit their site the next day. Sadly, this is far from the likely outcome.

The search engines found out several years ago that they needed to make money in order to survive. (Thatís okay. We were all young and naÔve once upon a time.) The ways theyíve figured out to do that has limited the value of free listings.

For some search engines that means the first three sites listed after a search are actually paid ads.

Other search engines charge a fee in order for you to gain entry into their databases.

It makes sense to pay some of these listing fees, again depending on factors including the size of your organization, how important generating web traffic off the web is to your marketing program and how likely your target audience is likely to use one of these search engines to search for the products and services you offer.

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