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Leading Change

One Thing That Will Remain the Same: Change Will Continue to Occur

As it's been said, "The future's not what it used to be." We experience change everyday. In business, in our communities, in our homes, in our churches. Often change has a bad rap. We are creatures of comfort and don't mind things staying the same for a while so we can enjoy the good times, enjoy a rest, not have to think about it.

Competitiveness Requires Improvement

But we live in a competitive world. Commerce is now global and for us to succeed we must be able to compete with, better exceed, our competition in providing products and services to our global markets.

A competitive world is a changing world: new products, new services, new attractions to the customers to improve market share and profitability.

To compete we must improve. To improve we must change. To change we must start doing something new, and stop what we have been doing that doesn't help anymore.

One way to think about this has us deliberately substituting "improvement" for "change" at every chance. When we can operationalize improvement (change), when we can improve first and faster than our competitors, then we are acting proactively to secure our future.

Seminar Goals and Process

Our goals:

- help you feel and act more comfortably about change
- help you handle change in a positive and productive way
- help you generate attractive alternatives about any change that comes your way

This seminar is a sequence of hands-on, interactive exercises engaging company team members using new techniques to help you learn about and practice more effective ways to think about, and decide about, change and improvements. Exercises include:

- your history with change
- trends in your industry
- helping others grow
- selecting options

- principles of change
- your change process
- identifying options
- your next steps

"Every organization will have to become a change leader. You can't manage change. You can only be ahead of it. You can only meet it."
Peter Drucker

Seminar Outline:

1. Introduction: Seminar overview, goals, introductions, assumptions, ground rules, defining change

2. Types of Change: Personal, organizational, political, technical, and others

3. Your History with Change: Review changes that have affected and will affect your organization and you; reactions to change and consequences

4. Understanding Fears of Change: Describe and review the sources of fear associated with change

5. Managing Change: Practice with an effective technique to break down the fears and components of change into manageable steps

6. Leading Change - Introduction: Review the links between change, learning, improvement, and competitiveness; defining and promoting leading; role of attitude and choice; problem vs. opportunity; building an argument for change; considering impact on current organization and programs; building consensus

7. Leading Change - with Individuals: Discuss and practice a one-on-one communication process

8. Leading Change - with Teams: Introduce and discuss role of planning with employees; strategic planning; scenario planning; organizing necessary support to implement change

9. Developing and Maintaining Leadership's Support: Introduction and discussion of techniques to partner with supporting sponsors

10. Next Steps: Plan for your successful implementation of this new thinking; operationalizing change in your organization

Seminar Format:

This seminar is most effective when intact work teams meet to address current, real problems. Students work at team tables practicing on company issues while learning to use skills and techniques presented in the seminar.

Seminar Books:

A seminar notebook with exercises and resources for future work is provided for each participant.

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