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Peak Performance
Optimizing Individual and Team Talent within Organizations

Managers and teams do not succeed by luck alone. Look closely and you will see that successful managers and teams share many common skills. Peak Performance identifies these needed skills and provides a plan of action that managers and teams can quickly learn and execute.

Peak Performance is comprised of three prescriptive and interrelated disciplines and products that guide managers and teams to breakthrough levels of performance.

Peak Performance Actions are six behaviors that managers of all levels will utilize to foster a work environment that is respectful, encourages risk taking, and nurtures improvement activity. The six peak performance actions are the culmination of exhaustive research using interview techniques, focus groups, and survey analysis with employees of all levels in manufacturing and service industries. Based on this research the peak performance actions are those behaviors that trigger the conscious and unconscious motivators within employees. These six critical behaviors are learned in the two (2) day course, Peak Performance Actions.

360º Peak Performance Survey provides critical feedback related to managers' perceived ability in applying the Peak Performance Actions. Managers receive a graphical report of perceptions based on aggregate employee responses. Individual employees' responses are kept confidential to insure anonymity. Additionally, manager groups can be specified to examine how a particular group of managers within an organization is perceived. The 3600 Peak Performance Survey is administered pre- and post-application of the Peak Performance Actions to reveal performance gaps and document improvement.

Peak Team Performance builds on the six peak performance actions and gets teams to peak performance levels quickly. Meeting efficiency is examined from meeting plan to follow-through as participants learn the links between team dynamics and team function. The two (2) day course, Peak Team Performance, enables teams of all types to accelerate their learning curve and get to the business at hand.

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