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RxSales: An Expert Performance System™

Sales is an integral component of productivity. But selling will never be the same again. The advent of the internet gave rise to a different kind of consumer - more of an information seeker, more interested in advice and guidance than in product information, education, or marketing hype. So companies around the world are shifting their salespeople from a transactional approach to a consultative selling approach. Sales professionals need help to make the transition from product-led to advice-led selling. But companies today are hard pressed to develop the kind of learning programs that ensure the salespeople actually execute the new skills - and keep them selling while they learn.

A true blended learning program combines self-paced and scheduled group work to optimize learning effectiveness.

Elements of the RxSales™ system are:

  • The CheckUp® - is a diagnostic learning assessment that identifies "early warning signs" in relationship selling that prevent sales professionals from achieving their full potential.
  • Group Diagnosis™ - is a composite view of the sales force, based on individual CheckUp™ lab reports.
  • The Clinic™ is an online learning program that contains 37 modules and assignments. The self-directed Clinic is reinforced by 4 face-to-face workshops (Spot Conditioning Clinics), and individual coaching, if desired.

Why Other Companies Like RxSales™

"Previous sales training programs didn't address the 'sales myths' and skill weaknesses that were the root of the problem. So, nothing changed. RxSales™ begins with treatment in The Clinic™. Then, when salespeople get to the heart of the system - understanding the process prospects use to buy products and services - they are better equipped to execute what they learn. It works for us."

Today companies have three options to improve sales results:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Conventional Learning (face-to-face training days)
  3. Blended Learning (self-paced plus group work)

"We found that blended learning works best for adults, who have unique learning needs. In addition, the cost per participant for blended learning, in contrast with conventional learning, is far less - especially when you factor in the loss of sales production due to time out of the field."

RxSales: an Expert Performance System™ is a registered trademark of Peak Development LLC.

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